Bátor Tábor

Created to provide experience therapy for children with cancer and chronic illness, the Bátor Tábor Foundation is marking its 15th year with a new film and slogan.

Starting with only two camps in 2001, the foundation was only able to provide 70 places for children battling with cancer, but by 2016 just under 1,000 children are eagerly waiting to take part. It has now been demonstrated beyond doubt that these wonderful camps help affected children to build their self-confidence and self-worth, boost their social skills and strengthen their faith in their own recovery. Such experience therapy does a great deal to improve the lives of children living with cancer and this is underlined by a study carried out by Yale University.

“Our volunteers and supporters have been rebuilding lives for 15 years now and they deserve the greatest gratitude as they are the ones primarily responsible for giving these children their childhoods back with the help of experience therapy. An environment is created where children can gain new experiences, expand their limits and gather strength for the battle against their illness, and all this gives them greater faith in their own eventually recovery.” This is how the foundation’s director, Ervin Vadász, addressed some 6,000 of the foundations volunteers and supporters at its 15th birthday celebrations, who have aided the foundation in its efforts since 2001.

In recognition of its success, since 2007, the Bátor Tábor Foundation has worked alongside 30 similar organisations throughout the world via its membership of the Serious Fun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman. Since 2008, the foundation’s regular camps have welcomed children from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia with a total of 870 foreign children so far having been able to experience the astounding help and support provided by Bátor Tábor. Alongside its international and family camps, a couple of years back the foundation established the Lélekmadár Camp, that welcomes families who have lost children to chronic illness. And this year has seen the launch of the GO! Camp, that takes experience therapy to those children unable to attend the larger gatherings.

The Bátor Tábor Foundation has been recognised by numerous awards in recent years including Voluntary Programme of the Year 2009 and the Astellas Award in 2014, a leading healthcare accolade in Hungary. The foundation was awarded the Pro Voluntarius Award in 2015 for its professional excellence and encouraging youth volunteer work, while 2016 saw the foundation granted the Civil Award for its sports fundraising events. As well as being recognised for it exceptional work in the field, along with the ACG Advertising Agency, the foundation has also collected an array of accolades for its various advertising and promotional campaigns including the Golden Blade Award and Effie Award in 2012, Gold Medal at the European Communications Agencies Association Care Awards in 2013, and a long list of Hungarian awards for its campaign in 2015.

To mark this significant anniversary, this year’s campaign film was created as part of a voluntary project with ACG, the director Rudolf Péter Kiss, producer Gergő Angyal, production managers Máté Varga and Péter Laczkó, and the team at Banner Casting, who, along with the cast and crew, all gave up a great deal of their own time to help create such a super campaign film. The new campaign comes with the new slogan of “Back to Life” that reflects the last 15 years of the foundation’s tireless activity. Bátor Tábor is literally able to rebuild lives and not only does this with increasing effectiveness year on year but is, above all, genuine in all its efforts. Scandals surrounding charitable foundations over the last couple of years have seriously reduced people’s faith in donating via the 1% tax concession, and so, with its exemplary transparency, Bátor Tábor has doubled its efforts to reassure supporters that their donations are being used appropriately and is voluntarily audited on an annual basis by Deloitte.

Source: ( MedicalOnline )

Bátor Tábor Commercial

Client: Bátor Tábor | Agency: ACG | Producer: Gergő Angyal | Director: Rudolf Kiss Péter | Casting director: Gréti Fellner

When the call came to help with the campaign, we knew it was the right thing to do and had a great time working on the project. Bátor Tábor is the kind of cause that it is an honour to support with its wonderful work helping children!

This page and this story is not about us.

The focus here is on recovering kids and the fabulous volunteers at Bátor Tábor.

Thanks, guys, for the great work you do!