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Welcome to our world. We’re so pleased that you’ve paid us a visit as now we have the chance to tell you all about what we think, what we do and how our company was born. This site is designed to provide all you need to get to know us better. We have gathered together everything of possible importance to you whether you come to us a client or a performer. If you’re reading this, it means that you have entered the door at Banner Casting, and so the material you’ll now see will be mostly related to casting. Along the way, however, you’ll also see side doors off to other company divisions, that also stand open for you to explore in greater detail.

Come on in! Let’s turn the light on and set off together...

We love adventure

We love to explore new ground both in life and in our work. Adventure provides us with the unparalleled joy of discovery. And it’s not always necessary to travel to the end of the earth to find it, because adventure lies around every corner.

We love freedom of thought

The world around us is changing with every passing second – sometimes we feel it necessary to adapt to these changes and other times we create them. For us, thought is the joy of life itself.

We love Sziget Festival

The one thing we never miss is that one week every year when performers and festivalgoers gather from all four corners of the globe. Sziget is a cultural Babel that has an indescribable influence on us.

Nothing’s impossible

This is something we often say to each other when a brief arrives that seems unimaginable. But that doesn’t always help and it only turns out when we’ve done everything we can: sent emails flying all over the world and ended up asking a postman in a remote Dutch village if the rumours were true and a famous jazz trumpeter really did live there. We were lucky in that case, and we had the right address!

We have been spoiled in recent years and had the honour of working with filmmakers whose talent has had a profound effect on us. Those who are familiar with the profession don’t need to be told what a superhuman effort is required from the entire crew in order to make a commercial or a feature film. It’s a demanding job and that’s unlikely to change, but one thing always makes up for the tough times and that’s when we get to see the completed work. Weather it’s on a cinema screen or in the media, the first thing we always thinks is...

The Hollywood of Eastern Europe

Hungary has always been an important player in filmmaking and there were plenty of Hungarians around at the naissance of this seventh art. Hungarian names have formed the foundation of the sensational success of the silver screen such as Alexander Korda, George Czukor, William Fox, Adolf Zukor or Mihály Kertész. And this list of names continues to stretch from the past, through the present and into the future of film. As well as boasting three living Oscar-winning film directors, an additional sixteen Hungarian directors, set designers and composers have been called up to the stage to receive this prized golden statuette. Nineteen Oscars, now that’s impressive!

Filmmaking is still incredibly important in Hungary. As well as a very productive local industry, foreign productions from all over the world continue to favour Hungary for rental production. These project always incorporate the very best Hungarian professionals, often working on projects for months at a time. This offers a great challenge to us all, but more of that later...

Here, on this first page, we proudly celebrate: Hungary is currently the Hollywood of Eastern Europe!

And we are here...