Before I die...


Jointly staged by Banner Casting and the hosts, Candy Chang’s interactive art installation “Before I Die…” is now seen as something of a landmark at Sziget Festival.

We see Candy Chang’s interactive bucket list as a form of social activism. After its original appearance in New Orleans, this fascinatingly simple installation has continued to tour the globe and the moment we heard about it, we knew why we wanted it to come to Hungary and where it had to appear. It became very popular very quickly at Sziget, where thousands of people wrote their wishes on it every day until the sad loss of Robin Williams in 2014, when it took on a new role as a form of living memorial. So you can imagine how touched and delighted we were when news of this appeared in the world press. The wall has many fascinating stories to tell as reflected by the fact that Candy Chang chose to put images of “our” wall in a book showing some of the more exciting installations around the world. These are some of the snaps we have taken over the last 3 years.



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