Talent Creek

This is one of our freshest services that continues to grow by the day.

In recent years, we have had the pleasure to meet and work with an increasing number of artists who have come to us not via agencies or agents, but have joined as freelancers from all over the world. These are the kind of people who like to organise their own affairs and are ready to travel to wherever the next opportunity takes them. This is an open platform and those included will not only receive news of our upcoming projects, but also be informed about casting announcements from our various partners. So, welcome to new freelancers visiting this site!

Let us take the opportunity to introduce a handful of those who have already joined us.



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You’ll be presented with several opportunities on this site to contact us and that is because it may only occur to you to contact us when you read about a certain topic. Whichever door you knock on, we’ll be delighted to welcome you in!