Talent Union

This division is based on cooperation

Right from the very beginning, Banner Casting has wanted to come together with other casting agencies in order to provide the broadest spectrum of talent to our clients. This process eventually came to full fruition in the last year and we are now proud to say that we worked in close cooperation with 12 casting agencies across Europe.

We have worked with other agencies before and we know that there is nothing new in this, but we have now been able to establish accepted rates within the region. We have constructed agreements to match a market in a given country, meaning that transporting actors no longer presents an extra cost. It also means that the world has opened up to clients and actors alike.

Recent global events also surprised us but, despite Brexit, will still see a bright future working alongside our British partners. We firmly believe that the job we do cannot be stopped or suspended by national boundaries. We know that we are stronger together!

As this page is designed to celebrate our growing union, we thought that we would start by presenting artists from our British partners.



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